Why us

Reasons to host with Sirium.net...

  • cPanel - industry standard control panel with every account.
  • Generous disc space and bandwidth.
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • 30 day Money back guarantee.
  • No contract - cancel if and when you want.
  • Web site builder - accounts include a point and click "WYSIWYG" site builder with (at the time of writing) 699 HTML and 15 Flash templates for you to choose from. This number is increasing by around 15 per month!
  • suPHP - PHP scripts run under your own user name, meaning less hassle setting up insecure file permissions, and less likely for other web sites to be able to affect yours.
  • Free site migration - we will help you migrate your web site to us free of charge!
  • Friendly UK based support.
  • Free script archive - easily install, maintain or remove a myriad of web based applications using Fantastico and/or Installatron.
  • SpamAssassin - Turn on SpamAssassin to help you filter out spam or deleted it altogether before you download it.
  • RBL blocking - To reduce SPAM/UBE, E-mail connections are checked against two of the main Black Lists. This means a great deal of SPAM is blocked before it even hits your inbox.
  • Webmail - You have a choice of webmail applications so you can read and send mail from your E-mail address anywhere in the world.
  • DNS control - Add a subdomain to point at your own server, or add a custom MX relay (you can use this to use Google apps E-mail).
  • Off site backups - All accounts are backed up off site on a nightly basis.
  • RAID 1 or better - all servers are hosted on RAID 1 or RAID 10 based hard drive setups to help prevent downtime due to drive failure.


Okay, I'm convinced, what do I do now? Pop on over to the account type overview page, choose a suitable account and click on the "Order" button...


*Please note that some of the above features are not available on Basic/Home account types. See the accounts overview for what is included.
**While we do keep daily, weekly and monthly cPanel backups, it is not meant to replace your own original files or own backups.
***RAID based hardware set ups for hard drives helps mitigate downtime due to hard drive failures, but it does not protect against file system and file corruption.