hosting glossary

If you're not familiar with web hosting jargon, you may be confused by the features and services we offer. So we have put this page together to help clarify things for you.

Disk space

AKA Storage space. This is the amount of physical space on our server(s) where you store your files. More space means more, or bigger, files can be stored.  As an example, just 1Gb of space can hold thousands of web pages and/or images.


AKA Data transfer. Every time someone visits your web site, the contents of the web page they are reading and its associated files (like images) is transferred to their computer. The average web site rarely, if ever, meets its bandwidth limit (which has proven the case on

Unlimited bandwidth/disk space

This is often a misnomer - a sales tactic employed by many web hosts to entice people into buying their services. These hosts usually have a "fair use policy" in their Terms and Conditions where they will either stop your account or charge you more for the services you are using, and do in fact have unpublished limits. A few hosts do have "true" unlimited services, but they are few and far between, and may be expensive.

For this reason, does not offer unlimited services and is open about its limits. We have also found that most people find our packages more than meet their needs. If not, we can offer custom packages.

Monthly payment

Pay for your hosting on a monthly basis with no tie-in.

Yearly payment

The most popular payment interval - yearly payments are discounted against monthly payments.

Payment methods

We accept cheques (drawn from a UK bank), Paypal and all major Credit/Debit cards accepted via Paypal.

Parked domains

A Parked domain name is where extra domains (other than your main domain name) points to your main web site/space.

Addon domains

Point a domain name to a sub folder in your web site/space.


Point a "sub domain" such as to a sub folder in your web site/space.

Domain redirects

Make one requested domain name redirect to another web site under another domain name.